Monday, October 30, 2017

Tips for Hajj

According to Muslim religion, any Muslim who is healthy and afford it must visit hajj as it is an obligation and not an option. It is a once in a lifetime experience which every Muslim must perform with proper planning. Below are some of the tips that can make your hajj travel a successful journey.

Choose a good package

One of the key thing to begin your preparation is by choosing an ideal hajj package that fits your requirement. If you have any obligations or work then you must complete it at least one week before planning for hajj. You must see which package deal is available in the hajj dates and find out what days you need to travel. Talk to your travel agent or look for the January umrah packages from online service provider websites to scroll the best packages and deals.

Understand about legal requirements and know about hajj

It is important to see if all your legal requirements are easily met without any issues. Also, you must check all the guidebooks of hajj so that you can know about the rituals that needed to be performed for hajj. It would help you avoid mistakes. You can also make a formal appointment with the other people who have performed hajj to plan everything properly. Use the meetings as a practical advice and get tips for performing hajj. At the same time, it is essential to keep yourself physically fit because Hajj is a physically demanding ritual and you must be physically fit with proper medical checkup in advance. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tips for Choosing Hajj and Umrah Packages

Hajj and Umrah is a religious pilgrimage which is performed by Muslims to pay their tribute to God. While hajj is a mandatory journey expected to be performed by every Muslim capable of doing it, Umrah is completely optional and performance of the same lies at the discretion of an individual. In order to perform the journey with convenience it is advisable to opt for Hajj 2017 packages or Umrah packages by keeping in mind tips mentioned below.

Opt For Registered Travel Companies

In order to avail the best packages and services it is advisable that you choose registered travel companies from the market. Registered companies are aware of the rules and regulations and makes sure that a well-organized package is arranged for the traveler.

Licensed Agents

Licensed agents or sub agents can be chosen especially if you have heard good comments about them. There are chances that not all authorized agents will provide good service, but sub-agents are mostly professionals who are experienced and professional proficient to perform their jobs well. They shall provide travelers with the best February umrah packages.

Is female guide available?

If you are travelling along with your wives, daughters or sisters make sure to inquire with the traveler if they have facility of female guides available. With female guides on the tour girls would be more comfortable and shall be able to easily share their requirement and necessity with them.


Having a convenient accommodation to the place where you are travelling is very important. So before you finalize a package and make booking with them, make sure to find out what kind of hotel and facilities they provide in the package. Inquire if it suits your preference and can give you the comfort you have been since long looking for.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Tips for Choosing Hajj and Umrah Packages

Every Muslim must travel to Hajj at least once in a lifetime. By visiting Hajj it is believed that people can purify their sins. Journey to hajj is very important and sacred for every Muslim. Hajj must be visited only during the month of Zull-Haj while Umrah can be visited at any time. It is advisable to plan your journey and book Umrah and Hajj packages suiting your requirements. It is advisable to keep in mind tips mentioned below to make right choice of package.

- Always choose an agency which is registered with the Ministry of Hajj. These agencies can help you with the recent changes in visa and resolve any issues regarding your travel to Hajj. You can also check with other agencies provided you have heard good reviews about them.

- It is always important to hire a guide who has good experience and knowledge. You may read many books and gain knowledge about Hajj or Umrah but it is always good to have guide by your side who can take you throughout the journey comfortably.

- Make sure to check with the agencies regarding accommodation. It is very important to look for an accommodation near to Makkah and Medina so that it is easy to travel to and fro.

- When you are looking for Umrah package UK make sure to choose one which is appropriate. You will find group packages and tailor made packages.  When you choose group package, you will be travelling among a group of unknown people while in case of tailor made packages you can travel all by your own with your family. Hence it is advisable to opt for a package which is in line with your comfortability. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Reasons to perform Hajj

Hajj and Umrah is a sacred journey which is performed by every Muslim. Earlier traveling to Hajj and Umrah was difficult but now there are several travel agencies who offer customized packages to people to make their journey easy. Every Muslim who is financially stable and physically healthy must perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. The Hajj journey is mandatory for every Muslim individual. If you are planning to travel, it is advisable to book your December Umrah packages now to avail the best of benefits. 

Before you plan your travel or get on with the sacred journey let’s get an insight into what are the reasons owing to which Hajj is performed;

1. Hajj reduces poverty. Prophet Muhammad has preached that if one performs Hajj and Umrah poverty and sins will be completely eradicated. Sins will be eliminated like how impurities from gold and silver get removed in a furnace. 

2. Eradication of sins: Hajj journey is not only an opportunity for supplication, it is also done for purification of one’s soul. It is believed that one who performs Hajj will be untangled from all his sins and he will be reborn as a new man with a pure heart. 

3. Hajj journey helps in utilization of ones’ youth. When one performs Hajj at a younger age, he will know the value and meaning of living. He will not try to commit any sort of mistakes or hurt others knowingly. It is favorable to perform Hajj at young age when your health condition is stable and journey can be performed conveniently by opting for any of the Hajj package 2018

4. You get to learn new things in life and they can be a guiding light. The best lesson one can learn in their Hajj journey is that all human beings are equal and no one is differentiated based on race, creed and wealth. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Buy January Umrah Package Online

Every year, numerous Muslims go on the pilgrimage to Hajj and Umrah. Doing hajj at least once in a lifetime is a priority for all people who follow the Muslim religion. Umrah and hajj can be done together. Taking out time is mostly difficult for people and therefore many people just keep planning to go. It is also important to take out time for religion and fulfill your religious duties. People who have completed Hajj would be able to share their wonderful experience with others. 

If someone is planning hajj and umrah travel then he should seek help from internet. Over the internet, people would be able to find several travel websites which would help in planning the journey in the perfect manner. If someone wants to get january umrah package online then he should look for various options. One should know the number of days for which he would be going and budget he has. These things will help him to plan his journey in a better way. People can easily book their flights and hotel stay online. There are a large number of travel websites people can check out. 

By comparing the prices at which hotels and flights are offered by different travel websites; people would be able to choose the most economical option. Planning your pilgrimage is easy now and you can do it from anywhere. You just need to access the internet. So many travel websites are waiting for you to buy the most suitable travel package. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Spiritual Journey to the Holy Land of Makkah with Hajj and Umrah Packages

As a part of Hajj every true follower of Allah makes visit to the holy land of Makkah. Hajj is a holy act of worship for all Muslims and it involves travelling to all the holy sacred places. During the month of Dhu al-Hijja, every Muslim starts their journey to Hajj. There are various haj tours and travel agencies; hence you can always make the booking in advance so that travel can be planned in the most convenient way.

About Hajj

Hajj is a sacred journey which must be taken by every Muslim as this is also the fifth pillar of Islam. People who are physically capable must visit Mecca where the great Kaaba is held. There are many different rituals and prayers which are offered to Allah during the hajj journey. The most important hajj rituals are Tawaf, Ramy al-Jamarat, and the Eid al-Adha. To ensure that you are able to visit the pilgrimage comfortably you can choose to opt for an extended hajj package and also see the tomb of Prophet Muhammad near Medina. 

About Umrah

Unlike hajj, umrah is not an obligatory journey but it is recommended for every Muslim to take up this holy journey if they are financially and physically capable. You can choose umrah package anytime of the year. People generally take up umrah before or after hajj journey. While performing such religious journeys individuals gets the chances to pay their regards to God and also seek their blessing for good life and also life after death.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Packing List and Tips While Going For Hajj and Umrah Travel

When you travel to Mecca and Madina the Muslim pilgrimage, it is not only a duty of journey but it also reminds you your purpose on earth. Before performing this journey, every individual is expected to pay off all their dues and then begin with the travel. In order to make sure that you have the most convenient hajj and Umrah travel planned following items should be included in your packing or the check list:

1. Towel
2. An umbrella
3. Sleeper pairs
4. Mouth wash, tooth brush, tooth paste and face wash
5. Shampoo and soap which can keep you refreshed for the travel
6. Alarm clock
7. Box of tissues and toilet paper which might be of immense use during travel
8. Scissors

Once you are done preparing the checklist there are some other things as well which should be kept in mind:

1. Give an attempt to attend hajj seminars and tours offered by various hajj tour companies. This   way you will be able to choose the best hajj and umrah packages that suits your requirement.

2. Before leaving for travel don’t forget to check the travel documents. If in case you leave any document you might have to face difficulty during the journey. Some of the documents which should be mandatorily carried are passport, identity card, airline ticket, and transport and hotel vouchers. 

3. Although most of the airline companies allow passengers to carry zam zam water over and above the maximum weight, however to avoid any sort of confusion such things should be inquired and confirmed well in advance.